Q2 Earnings Results Show Utility Sector’s Resiliency

In the worst economic environment in more than a decade, the utilities sector is demonstrating its resiliency. With the second quarter earnings season now behind us, 20 of the 28 companies comprising the S&P 500 Utilities Indexreported higher earnings, on an adjusted operating basis, compared to the same quarter a year ago. The average percentage increase for all companies in the Index was well above our expectations and we believe this supports the likelihood that 2020 earnings for the sector will be higher than last year.

In a recent episode of the Phil Bak podcast, Reaves’ President John Bartlett explained why the earnings streams of utility companies have held up so well during a pandemic-induced economic slowdown.

As part of the interview, Bartlett went on to share his views on infrastructure investing, and on many of the other sectors in which Reaves’ invests. He also took a deeper dive into the utilities sector, explaining why understanding the state and local regulatory framework is important to actively investing in the utility sector, and why efforts to make the energy grid greener can be a win-win for both utility customers and stocks.

Bartlett also touched on the fact that despite the sector’s earnings stability, utilities remain under-represented in many investors’ portfolios. He reiterated the Firm view, “Utilities should be considered the lowest risk part of anyone’s portfolio, and candidly, they still remain institutionally under owned and they’re still a pretty small part of the S&P 5002, so it’s our opinion that people still continue to overlook these stocks,” he said.

Click here to listen to the full interview from the Phil Bak podcast.

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